Shine your light with elisa rusconi life, health and style coaching

What my wonderful
clients have to say

elisa rusconi life, health and style coaching
Shine your light with elisa rusconi life, health and style coaching

What my wonderful clients have to say

Elisa is a guiding light of love and positive energy.

She was able to help me in both the personal and professional areas of my life. Though our sessions she enabled me to untangle a frustratingly toxic relationship and to inject love and light from a place of wholeness. She was also helpful in assisting me to clarify my goals and intentions regarding my work. Elisa is a caring, intuitive and loving beacon of light.


Meeting up with Elisa opened my heart and soul!

She has illuminated my path and my spirit…her precious guidance has led me to a better version of myself. Her deep love impulse has inspired me to go ahead fearless, with the flow, with the feeling of love and trust of the “it is what it is”…C’est comme ça …Deepest smiles & thank you Elisa.


I had the pleasure to be coached by Elisa for 6 inspiring months.

She not only helped me set attainable goals but gently guided me to look deeper inside myself to discover the reasons behind the goals and then enthusiastically provided a safe space for me to flourish beyond my expectations of myself. She has giving me tools to be emotionally and spiritually healthy. I cannot thank her enough for helping me unravel the layers.


Elisa’s coaching and guidance has helped me so much and changed my life for the better.

She has helped me to learn how to observe more, gain clarity, learn to love myself and focus on what I really want and need. Overall she has helped me with my life and wellbeing and I am a happier person thanks to her. Through her coaching I have achieved many goals. I really enjoy listening to her stories as I can identify with them and they have helped me to look out for the mistakes I’ve done and turned them into positives. Her advice on healthy eating habits, meditation, sports and suggested homework have really put me in the right path to become a calmer and happier person. Elisa is an incredible human being who heals you with her positive energy but really what she does is to show you all the potential you have inside you and how to use it to your benefit. I highly recommend her and will forever be grateful to her!


Elisa is an excellent listener, trustworthy and caring.

Through our work together, she has helped me to increase my self-love, the foundation of confidence and the key to a joyful life. Her questions and our sharing have helped me to reach clarity on various aspects of my life. She is non invasive yet will touch points which need work. After the session, Elisa synthesises what has been discussed (in a neutral way) and sends it to you. These valuable notes strengthen the work which has been done during the session and enables you to go back and read it at anytime. This is useful to keep track of your objectives, to see the work that has been done and the one that still needs to be done. Non-judgmental, always giving you an encouraging word, working with Elisa has been a wonderful experience I highly recommend.


Elisa has been such an inspiration for change and a great comfort.

The most significant overall change has been the positivity and confidence in myself and my achievements. The feeling of success as goals were achieved, was pure gold. I would describe Elisa as having the gift for enabling you to reflect and recognise the steps you need to take in order to succeed.


Elisa is a beautiful, sweet and inspiring woman.

I contacted her at a time in my life when I had lost my bearings and my confidence. She guided and supported  me so that I could find myself again and reconnect with my priorities. She was able to help me when I needed it most. I am grateful to her and she now has all my affection as her professionalism and generosity of heart are admirable.


For more than one year I have had the fortune to be supported by Elisa.

who is a dear friend and who has also become my life coach. I congratulate her for her professionalism in being able to maintain a client/coach relationship throughout our sessions, despite our friendship. At first I was afraid that the fact of being friends would be counterproductive to our work together, but instead the experience gave us the possibility to get to know each other in a deeper way. I still have a long way to go in order to fully be serene, but working together as a team is allowing me to get closer and closer to achieving my goals. This is mostly possible thanks to the advice Elisa has given me on many occasions: to observe myself from the outside and to always express myself with positive words and affirmations. Thank you for always being there for me!


Elisa is brilliant and inspiring.

I have been able to heal 80% of the rosacea visible on my face by following Elisa’a coaching advices. I had this adult acne since 2009 after some terrible stress at work. Since then I tried so many things. This is the very first time, seven years after, using natural methods, that I have significant improvement. This makes me so happy and grateful.


Thanks to my coaching sessions with Elisa, I was able to eliminate the monthly migraines I was suffering from.

Elisa helped me do this by ensuring I had a better awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition and by encouraging me to focus on my health and wellbeing. She also thankfully brought to my attention useful information such as taking magnesium citrate to help reduce muscle spasms. I found our sessions super helpful and above all enjoyable and I found it a huge help to have Elisa’s brilliant words of encouragement and reassurance to help keep me on track in such a positive way with fulfilling my goals. Elisa’s professional approach was just what I needed, I am thankful for the sessions we had and I am sure to sign up to more soon, to help me in the pursuit of attaining new goals.


I absolutely loved my sessions with Elisa and I am so grateful that she was my coach.

With subtle guidance she has helped me turn negative thoughts and situations into positives. I saw her during a challenging time in my life, and she taught me skills that have improved my life and all of my family’s life. And since I have taken up challenges that I thought were impossible. She is just amazing and I would recommend her to everyone!


I can highly recommend a day of shopping with Elisa following on from the closet cleanse.

I couldn’t believe how successful we were with finding the missing pieces. Perhaps it helps to be looking with a focused mind – purely focusing on the bits that needed upgrading in the wardrobe. The best part was that the missing pieces we found were all on sale so they were affordable! And because they are classic they will last for a very long time – so it is money very well spent. Now that these new items have been integrated into my wardrobe I have been able to throw out the old ones and have felt much more stylish which was one of the areas I was hoping to improve…and this is a goal I am very happy to have achieved. One happy client..thank you.


Elisa’s closet cleanse enabled me to draw back veils that were seemingly eclipsed by the sheer abundance.

More importantly, I realised my fragile vulnerability, and Elisa’s rich skills gave life to an even deeper layer of an abiding glow of the divine feminine at my core!Thank you for a very beautiful session and a thoroughly new template of energy.


Elisa found the perfect match in my wardrobe and can create looks with pieces of clothes you were going to throw out.

An hour with her is an incredible gain of time.


As the CEO of a company specialising in providing staff for events.

I hired Elisa’s Image & Style Consulting services to assist in grooming a staff of fifty people at an important fashion dinner event. In less than two hours she supported me in creating a more polished look for each employee, through makeup, hair and style retouches, in order to reflect the clients’ needs. Her help was invaluable in securing a more elegant and appropriate look for the event.