Style Coaching is a personalised service that aims at helping you transform the way you feel about yourself and how you look, by bringing more clarity and light to your style, your wardrobe and your closet.

Learn what your clothes say about you, how to improve your relationship with your self image, how to save time and energy when getting dressed and how to find your unique style.
Your wardrobe and your closet reflect how you feel about yourself. Let me help you look at what needs changing and guide you to new choices that will make you feel and look better.



  • Clear the clutter
  • Re-harmonise your closet
  • Upgrade your look
  • Create your signature style
  • Make the most of what you own
  • Learn how to save by shopping better

Shine your light with elisa rusconi life, health and style coaching


Choose a program that fits your needs

Connect with me so we can personalise your choice


Less is more

Learn to streamline your wardrobe, keep only what you need and makes you feel good.

Nothing to wear

Find what is missing to create complete and easy to wear outfits.

Step it up a notch

Dress better to feel better. We assess what has to go and what can make you look more elegant.

Travel in style

Learn to travel with less, look great, be comfortable. Includes “ tips on how to pack”.

Style & closet coaching

We identify how you want to look & feel, what no longer works, what’s missing, how to use what you have to create your signature style.

Make my wedding day

I help you identify your desires for your big day, find the right dress and makeup so you can feel confident and beautiful. Includes personal shopping upon request, depending on location.

Corporate styling

Give your staff the gift of personalised styling, to improve how they feel and look at the office or at special events.

Closet detox

If you feel overwhelmed by your closet, think you have too much, too little or the wrong items. Assess what works and what doesn’t so you can revamp your style. This includes clothing fitting, upon request.

Vibrational closet clearing

Let go of the old and what no longer aligns with your vibration. Find a style that suits your new energy template.

Power of 5

Create 5 looks for 5 days: choose outfits to wear daily or at social occasions. Learn how to put things together in a way that works for you.

Closet logic

Create order out of chaos: learn to organise your clothes so you can find them. This is for you if you feel your closet is a mess and have problems finding things or getting inspired. This includes clothing fitting and rearrangement upon request.

Save the wallet & the planet

Learn how to shop better: spend less, buy less and invest in unique quality pieces. This includes information on sustainable shopping, responsible luxury and how to get rid of what no longer serves you without polluting the planet.

Shop the look

Bespoke live or virtual personal shopping to help you uncover your style. This includes mood-boards, addresses, ideas and trend reports upon request.

*All style coaching sessions are tailored to your requests, personality and style. A minimum of 2 hours for each program is recommended.


Make me over

Personalised makeup class styled on your needs and lifestyle.

Go toxless

Find alternatives to conventional toxic makeup and learn about natural makeup and skin care alternatives.

Teenage beauty

For young girls who are new to makeup and want to learn how to look beautiful while staying natural and fresh.


Elisa worked in the fashion industry for high-end luxury companies for more than 10 years. She has always given friends style and beauty makeovers in her free time and has worked on corporate events as an Image and Makeup consultant and Stylist. Although she was dressed head to toe in the latest designers and was required to look perfect for her work, she never “felt good enough”. With time she recognised that even when the outside is perfect, in order to look great one has to go within and change how one feels about oneself. As a coach, she is dedicated today to helping women reconnect to their unique beauty and guide them to create a style that reflects who they truly are.


"Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens."