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21 DAY RESETTake back your health one meal at a time

It is designed to give the body a break from inflammatory foods in order to clear out toxins and allow for the digestive system to repair itself. Cleanse your body from within to regain your health, improve your vitality and increase your energy.

Chose how you want to detox

This year we have revamped the entire 7 Day Detox! You can still download the new and improved version for FREE! Or you can choose to do the full 21 Day Reset, which will teach you how to go much deeper and shift into a healthier diet and lifestyle. It includes:

Week 1 – GOING WITHIN with Elisa & Natalia

Week 2 – THE 7 DAY DETOX with Elisa & Lilou 

Week 3 – REINTRODUCTION with Alex & Elisa

You can also upgrade to receive 1-on-1 personalised coaching with 3 x 1hr sessions with one of our experts, to support you during your ‘reset’.

Going Within with Natalia & Elisa. In this week you will learn to change your relationship with food and with your body. You will get to enjoy a wide range of delicious recipes, that will allow for your body to cleanse, as you  prepare physically and mentally for Week 2.

The 7 Day Detox with Elisa & Lilou. Following last year’s suggestions, we have created a new and improved version, with new recipes and more guidance. With over 50 pages of tips and recipes, this year’s 7 Day Detox will maximise your detox experience after the Week 1 cleanse.

Reintroduction with Alex & Elisa. Get ‘gut ready’ and learn the importance of reintroducing foods into your system after a detox. Alex and Elisa will support you with nourishing recipes that will continue the cleansing process while also getting you ready to return to a more normal diet.

21 Day Reset with 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Benefit from 3 x 1hr personalised coaching sessions with each of the experts to support and guide you personally through your detox. Please note that Elisa and Alex can do calls in both English and French and Natalia is English only (this can be swapped for another session with Elisa or Alex)

This year you can choose how you want to detox:

  • 21 Day Reset – Week 1+2+3 Guides = €44.00
  • 7 Day Detox – Week 2 Only Guide = FREE
  • 21 Day Reset – Week 1+2+3 with 1:1 Coaching = €333.00

(Have a 1hr session with each of the experts. Please note Elisa and Alex can coach in English and French, and Natalia’s sessions are in English only, this can always be swapped for an extra session with Elisa or Alex)

To make the most of the Detox, carefully read through and follow the suggestions for ‘how to prepare’ your body and your kitchen for this transformative experience.

Elisa, Lilou, Alex & Natalia all have plenty of advice, tips and recipes on their social channels – so make sure you are following them all on social media.

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“This is the best juicing detox I’ve ever done. I feel full of energy, ready to take on my dreams and shine bright!” - Lilou

Alexandra, 1-on-1 Coaching

Elisa Rusconi is a beautiful, sweet and inspiring person. I contacted her at a time in my life when I had lost my bearings and my confidence. She guided me so that I could find myself and my priorities. She was able to help me when needed. I am grateful to her and her professionalism and generosity of heart, as well as great tips which are admirable.

Catherine, 7 Day Detox

It's Day 2, beautiful and delicious, these recipes are fabulous, I am not even hungry and I am full of energy. Thank you again Elisa and Lilou this detox is very well thought out and effective. I am thinking of doing it again every year!

Nadege, 7 Day Detox

Thank you very much Elisa and Lilou, thanks to you, I became aware of the power of
my energy beyond the heavy physical fatigue that I have been carrying every day since I can remember. I also experienced that my food addictions could no longer have power over me. I hadn't felt this clarity of mind in years. A real Blessing. I honor this wonderful gift by pledging to continue to take care of 'me'.

Week 1 | GOING WITHIN with Elisa & Natalia

The 7 day cleanse for better balance and wellbeing.

Build a positive relationship with food and introduce a new way of eating and thinking, that supports your health and wellbeing.

Alchemize Your Food

Learn how to increase your connection to your food and enhance it's healing properties.


Enjoy a nourshing collection of recipes that you will find delicious all while cleansing your body.

Week 2 - 7 Day Detox with Elisa & Lilou

The 7 Day Detox with Elisa & Lilou - updated for 2023 with new and revised recipes.

Give your body the opportunity to heal and cleanse with the 7 Day Detox. We’ve seen amazing results and you have loved the support from our guidance and the community.

This is the last year that the 7 Day Detox will be FREE, so make sure you download your copy now.

Don’t forget to join the free Telegram group which has an amazing community providing support and advice as well as great tips.

Preparation & Shopping

Use the 'Shopping List' and special tips for easy preparation for the 7 Day Detox, and with the weekly planner it's simple to follow. Enjoy a wide range of recipes that are easy to make in under 15 minutes.

Support & Community

Don't forget to join the free Telegram group which has an amazing community providing support and advice as well great tips.

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Week 3 | REINTRODUCTION with Alex & Elisa

Learn the importance of how to reintroduce food after a detox.

Learn what foods support your health and allow for the body to continue to cleanse itself.

Gut Health

This week is all about gut health, these recipes are to gently reintroduce foods, while improving your gut.

Feel Good Diary

Journal and track your progress across the week, while also learning how to listen to your body.

About Elisa

Elisa is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Functional Medicine Health Coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). It took her many years of studying as well as much confusion, going in and out of detox programs as well as different types of diet protocols, to find a way of eating and living that supports her health and her wellbeing. Through food and lifestyle changes alone, she was able to heal many health conditions including: eczema, candida, anaemia, gut dysbiosis and food intolerances. Her goal is to support and empower her clients to make an easy transition to a healthier way of eating and living!

About Lilou

It was after meeting American television host Oprah Winfrey in October 2006, in Chicago, that Lilou discovered her vocation. Co-founder and participant of the 100 Days Challenge which she created with two passionate personal and spiritual development friends, Lilou video-blogs her career and shares her encounters during her travels. Lilou broadcasts free inspiring interviews on the internet and organizes events around the world. She also offers more than 500 coaching videos and her books, from inspiring authors as well as yoni eggs on La Librairie de Lilou.

About Alex

Registered complementary medicine therapist and certified functional nutritionist. Alex helps her patients investigate and find the root causes of their symptoms and guides them through their healing journey with a holistic approach. To support her work, she uses stool testing adn hair elemental analysis. Alex specializes in digestive problems, dysbiosis, gut permeability, mircobiota and weight loss resistance and maintenance.

About Natalia

A world traveller, foodie, and social entrepreneur, Nat is the founder and CEO of “period”. She graduated from the Maharishi International University with an MBA in Sustainable Business in 2022, and in March 2023, she became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Nat’s life purpose is to heal the world, one period at a time.